The Match Books Omnibus

Get all four Match Books together in one volume!

Mister Match, Miss Match, Her Sweetest Match and Mismatched are now available together in one volume — The Match Books Omnibus. And it’s currently available at a REDUCED PRICE — just $5.49 for a limited time!

Match Book One: MISTER MATCH

When massage therapist Lisa DeLuca meets Adam Match, founder of dating website, an instant mutual attraction sizzles between them. Suddenly, Lisa’s pleasantly humdrum life is caught up in a tornado of paparazzi, celebrity gossip bloggers and a fake engagement — and to make matters more complicated, her two meddling best friends have appointed themselves Lisa’s Fairy God-Cupids. In no time at all, Lisa has more men on her plate than she knows what to do with…except she’s falling head over heels for Mister Match. Can a girl have her cake and eat it too? Or will Lisa ultimately have to choose between clinging to her hard-won independence or following her heart straight into Mister Match’s arms?

Match Book Two: MISS MATCH

Back in high school, if someone had told Clare Fox she would write for a living someday, she would have laughed in their face — or just dumped her cafeteria lunch down their shirt. Ten years later, she’s overcome dyslexia and her high-school-dropout status with her own, personal ace in the hole: Her extensive knowledge of the male species. Now, Clare is Miss Match, the sassy, savvy love advice columnist for online dating site She thinks she knows all there is to know about the male species — though her two best friends might say she knows all the wrong things. One thing is sure: When Clare meets Javier Valentín, AKA the Love Doctor, she’s definitely met her match. Clare is a prime candidate for the Love Doctor’s expertise, and Javier can’t pass up such a juicy case. But as soon as they meet, his careful, tried-and-true process flies out the window as he is captivated by this fiery, hard-hearted vixen. Good thing he can see through her bravado to the tender and passionate heart within. But can Clare let the Love Doctor past her defenses, or will she stomp his heart to pieces?

Match Book Two-Point-Five: HER SWEETEST MATCH, A Match Series Novella

Christmas has never been kind to Frankie Dillon, but she vows this year will be different. Now pursuing her dreams in Austin, Texas, the last thing Frankie wants is to step back into the past that used to bind her. But can her past also be her future? Rancher Harlan Williams has been Frankie’s best friend since they were kids in Midland—and he’s loved her, quietly, just as long. Now, Harlan figures it’s time to make his feelings known—except Frankie’s never seen him as anything other than a friend. So he decides to shape himself into a man she can’t resist. When he shows up on her doorstep on Christmas Eve, more handsome and muscled than ever, the sparks they ignite together burn hotter than a yuletide log. But it’s going to take a Christmas miracle to bring these two hearts together…

Match Book Three: MISMATCHED

Willow Grace: fun, arty and a little hippie-dippy. Finn Bonchamps: her complete and total opposite. Willow would write him off as a poor little rich boy—he’s even a hunter, ugh… Except he’s just so smart, humble and highly ethical. And sizzlingly sexy, as she discovers while working undercover for a radical animal rights group that’s determined to take Finn down. When the mission gets botched, leaving Willow in Finn’s debt and at his mercy, their electric physical chemistry is undeniable—yet in all other ways, the two seem utterly mismatched. Will Willow’s lies in the name of animal rights push Finn away? Will his privileged lifestyle turn her off? Or might they turn out to be each other’s perfect match after all?


HEAT LEVEL: 3 Peppers (out of 5): Each of the four Match Books contains several fully developed lovemaking scenes, plus plenty of sexual tension between the hero and heroine.