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Hey, Baby, What’s Your Sign? — Tapping into the Wisdom of Astrology to Build Characters and Harness Your Writing Mojo

In “Hey, Baby, What’s Your Sign,” you will learn how to use the twelve zodiac signs — Aries through Pisces — as dynamic character archetypes. You’ll also learn how to harness your own strengths and gifts as a writer.

This workshop is available as a 12-day online class or, if your writers’ group is located in the Central Texas area, as an in-person class. (I’ve taught it as an hour-long workshop, but two hours — or more — is even better.)

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Speaker bio and contact information:

Catherine Avril Morris is a freelance writer and romance author. For 17 years, she wrote astrological reports, horoscopes and Web site content for two astrology companies — and In that time, she learned a great deal about this ancient art and science. (Yes, astrology is a science, one based in mathematics, that predates astronomy!)

A published author of seven romance novels and one romance novella, Catherine regularly uses astrology as a tool in her fiction writing. She always plots birth charts for her characters. As a Taurus with a Taurus Mercury, Catherine has learned to accept her slow-paced, methodical approach to writing novels. But she always works on a laptop computer, since her Gemini Rising demands the versatility of constantly changing writing venues.

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Testimonials about Hey, Baby, What’s Your Sign? workshop:

Catherine, thank you so much for the informative, inspired workshop! In addition to presenting interesting information (and taking the time to tailor the info toward each student), you are an incredible teacher…you made everyone feel part of the group and easily kept things moving forward without making people feel “cut-off” when they had comments and stories. — Deborah O.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ve copied what you wrote about my sign and have plastered it onto the wall in my office. Your words confirmed what my inner writer has been telling me as I have traveled this journey.

— I.L.F.

Catherine, this lesson and your incredible “leap of faith” analysis have been amazingly helpful and inspiring — I can’t thank you enough! Thanks for condensing so much astrological info into manageable bites and helping me get back to the messy hearts of my characters. This past week has been so great — even more than I was hoping for when I signed up. Looking forward to next week’s adventures!
— Allison H.

Just wanted to say again how great I found your seminar to be. It was very interesting to read some of the insights I got from your presentation.

— Chris S.

I enjoyed your presentation immensely last Saturday and was completely blown away. My writing partner and I have struggled with character development and were thrilled to have such an interesting new way to go about it. It also gave us an opportunity to look at our individual weaknesses (via blaming the stars) and acknowledge them openly to each other and hopefully avoid future pitfalls. We are definitely re-energized and have already put in about 8 hours so far this week and plan to work again on Friday — I think a record for time spent together in one week working on this!
— Margaret S.

I really appreciated the workshop. It helped me so much to not have the “cookie-cutter” approach, and it was very inspiring.
— Mary H.

Wow! I just got a chance to read all the material on my lunch break and it’s awesome!! And so true. Especially when I looked at today’s lesson. When I read today’s info about my signs, I was awed! Both were totally me and my issues/challenges with this whole writing process!
— Laura Q.

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