Ermahgerd, I am SO excited about these two books!

Mismatched-WebMISMATCHED is the third book of the Match Series — Willow’s story. I love Willow! She’s the sweet, supportive, hippy-dippy best friend of Lisa (MISTER MATCH) and Clare (MISS MATCH). She’s a massage therapist, an accredited astrologer (well, almost…), and a vegetarian with vegan aspirations, and she wants to save the world in whatever way she can, whether that’s hugging trees, saving the whales or looking to the stars for answers.

And Finn Bonchamps is her complete and total opposite. Willow would write him off as a poor little rich boy—he’s even a hunter, ugh… Except he’s just so smart, and humble, and highly ethical. And so sizzlingly sexy, ooh la la! Problem is, aside from their electric physical chemistry, these two are utterly mismatched…. Or are they? Might they turn out to be perfect for each other in the end?

MISMATCHED hits shelves and Kindles everywhere on December 21. 🙂 Read an excerpt here!

HSM-WebHER SWEETEST MATCH is sorta book 2.5 of the same series — it’s a Match Series Novella, set at Christmastime. Remember Frankie from MISS MATCH? She was the friend Clare made aboard the Lucky Duck singles’ cruise. Well, I loved Frankie when I was writing that story. She was so vivid to me — hilarious, sweet, loyal and true, equal parts sweet and saucy, naive and worldly, with a whole lotta Texas sass. I knew she deserved to have her own story told.

Then, my friend Katie Graykowski (who writes awesome, funny books, herself — you should go read them all, just as soon as you’ve read mine!) lit a fire under my butt to write a Christmas novella. Immediately, Frankie leapt to mind. And when I went back to reread her scenes in MISS MATCH, well, Harlan jumped out at me too, and I just knew he was her hero.

I loved writing HER SWEETEST MATCH in the same way I love reading a great book. You know when you’re reading a book you adore, and you can’t put it down, and you can’t read fast enough — you just want to know what happens? Well, I couldn’t stop writing this book, and I couldn’t write it fast enough. It just poured out of me, and I couldn’t wait for Frankie and Harlan to experience everything they were going to go through together, culminating in (spoiler alert!) discovering the love of their dreams.

HER SWEETEST MATCH releases on December 15, and I can not wait!! Read an excerpt here 🙂

Happy holidays, y’all!