Mister Match Is Now Available!!!

MisterMatch-WebOh, my gosh… Seriously, blood, sweat and tears, y’all — I am so excited to announce that it’s finally done. Mister Match is out!!! So, without further ado…

Meet Adam Match: Charming, confident, and a total catch. As founder and face of dating website Mister-Match.com, Adam Match is a celebrity gossip darling-du-jour, and his business is a runaway success. His personal life, on the other hand… Not so much. Adam does his best to keep his private life private. After all, if the gossip rags caught wind of the fact that Mister Match is a lonely divorcé, they’d be circling like sharks in no time.

Which is just what happens when Adam meets massage therapist Lisa DeLuca. An instant, mutual attraction leads to a seemingly harmless lunch date, which turns into an outright circus as paparazzi photographers swarm. Later, when a cutthroat journalist backs Adam into a corner, he tells a desperate little lie—that Lisa, a woman he knew for all of an afternoon, is his fiancée.

…And so begins this hilarious, sexy story — the prequel of Miss Match that tells Lisa and Adam’s love story. Click here to get your copy now!