Miss Match is out, and Mister Match is coming soon!!!

I love these book covers! Here’s Miss Match, which is available now in paperback and ebook on Amazon: 


And here’s Mister Match, which is actually Book One of the Match Series (though it’s coming out second, as a prequel to Miss Match!):



Aren’t they gorgeous?! What do you think?

I love these characters, and I hope you do too. Adam Match (Mister Match, in Book One) is confident and kind, sensual and sexy, and a real people person. He falls in love with Lisa DeLuca, who is truly his perfect match — someone he never thought he’d find.

And then there’s Clare Fox (Miss Match herself, in Book Two). She’s sharp, sassy, sexy and confident — but she’s got a core of hurt that she keeps hidden from the world… Until Javier Valentín comes along, and shatters her defenses with his warmth, kindness and no-strings-attached love. Javier is a true beta hero — my favorite kind! I don’t feel like we see enough beta heroes in romance these days. I hope you fall head-over-heels for this guy, like Clare Fox and I have 🙂