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Adam, Javier, Harlan and Finn will steal your heart!

The four Match Books are out, and boy, do they sizzle!

Now, Mister MatchMiss MatchHer Sweetest Match and Mismatched are available together in one volumeThe Match Books Omnibus. And it’s currently available at a REDUCED PRICE — just $5.49 for a limited time.

(The Match Books Omnibus will soon return to its regular price of $6.99.)

Devour the Match Books this summer!


Midnight Dreams will be out soon!

TV news reporter Rosemary Adams is nursing private heartbreak—but to the world, her star is on the rise. With a brand-new dream job lined up in Los Angeles, she’s traveling south to tiny, magical Rose Quartz, New Mexico, on one last assignment forAlbuquerque Tonight… And for a long-overdue visit with her sister, Janie.

There are just a couple of problems: Rosemary loves her sister, but visiting Janie feels like having her nose rubbed in everything she wants but can never have. Case in point: Her traveling companion is Carlos Rubio, the cameraman she’s loved quietly for years. To Rosemary, Carlos seems as beautiful and untouchable as the stars.

At least she has an exit strategy—and a secret. Maybe she can’t haveexactly the life of her dreams, but she is bound and determined to make at least one sweet, long-held dream come true.

Soon, she’ll say goodbye to Carlos, along with the rest of her old life.

But is she truly ready to leave the man of her broken dreams behind?

Read an excerpt.

Then, stay tuned—MIDNIGHT DREAMS hits Kindles and bookshelves this summer!



Have you gotten your copy yet?

This is Willow’s story — Lisa and Clare‘s best friend.

Willow Grace: fun, arty and a little hippie-dippy. An accredited astrologer (well, almost…), massage therapist and vegetarian with vegan aspirations, she wants to save the world in any way she can, whether that’s hugging trees, saving the whales or looking to the stars for answers.

Finn Bonchamps: her complete and total opposite. Willow would write him off as a poor little rich boy—he’s even a hunter, ugh… Except he’s just so smart, humble and highly ethical. And so sizzlingly sexy, as she discovers while working undercover for a radical animal rights group that’s determined to take Finn down.

When the mission gets botched, Willow is in Finn’s debt and at his mercy. Their physical chemistry is electric, yet the two seem to be utterly mismatched.

Will Willow’s lies in the name of animal rights push Finn away? Will his privileged lifestyle turn her off? Or might they turn out to be each other’s perfect match after all?

Read Mismatched now!

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